Throughout the course of the past decade the fundamental landscape of business had dramatically evolved.

Culturally, the World has become seemingly both more tolerant and more divisive. Environmentally we are only beginning to understand mankind’s impact on the planet. Technologically we have witnessed the dawn of ever-present global communications and networking. We have just been through financial armageddon. And, generationally we are witnessing the aging and retirement of the Baby Boomer Generation and the rise of their children, the Millennials. 

As a result, Consumer Culture has been indelibly changed. Many consumer brands have not. They are applying old methods to what are, in effect, new markets with new consumers. Consumer businesses in particular must re-tool to adapt to this new reality. Business strategy and execution must become more carefully orchestrated while simultaneously creating the opportunity for rapid and creative evolution. 

A proper and comprehensive approach to brand and business planning begins with cultural and societal factors that affect the marketplace in which a business competes. It then explores, deeply, the purpose of the company and the activities it intends to undertake in order engage, connect and transact with consumers. Finally, it evaluates and aligns specific resources required to carry out its mission and execute its growth plans.

The David Maddocks Company was started in 2007 to help companies navigate these new cultural waters. Since then we have worked with CONVERSE, COLE HAAN, ELLE MACPHERSON, EGG PRESS, KEDS, SCHOOLHOUSE ELECTRIC CO., PVH CORPORATION and STUDY BLUE. We'd be delighted to work with you too.